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Joint Injections

Joint Injection is a procedure involving a diagnostic and therapeutic injection into the sacroiliac or other joints. Anti-inflammatory steroid medication and local anesthetic provide short or long-term pain relief.

Usually, using a fluoroscope low dose x-ray of ultrasound for guidance, a needle is introduced into the correct portion of the sacroiliac or other joint. The position may be confirmed by injecting a small amount of contrast dye. The local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory steroids are injected. Local injections into the ligaments may be helpful. Frequently, the nerves supplying the sacroiliac joint are injected. Sedation may be offered for patient comfort.

Patients with pain caused by arthritis, injury, or strain of the sacroiliac joint or other joint are good candidates for the procedure.

The procedure usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to perform.
You may be monitored for a short period before you can leave and are expected to take it easy for the rest of the Injection day. Most patients can walk immediately after the procedure.


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