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It is performed under local anesthesia and light sedation. A small nick is then made in the skin near the spine, and a needle is inserted. Bio-compatible bone cement is then injected through the needle and into the vertebral body. The needle is removed, and the cement is allowed to harden. The small opening is covered with a bandage.

Candidates for the procedure include men and women who have chronic back pain (at least six weeks) and debilitation due to a vertebral body fracture. Most patients are elderly (average age 70 years), but younger patients with osteoporosis, due to metabolic disorders or long-term steroid treatment, may also benefit from Vertebroplasty. Some patients with vertebral destruction from malignant tumors chronic back pain are also candidates for the procedure.

Within a few hours, patients are up and moving around with significant relief from chronic back pain. 

Patients will receive follow-up care from their assigned Doral Health & Wellness Pain Management physician. To hasten recovery and regain satisfactory activity levels, patients may benefit from physical therapy or short-term back bracing.

Studies have shown that 75 percent to 90 percent of people treated with Vertebroplasty will have a complete or significant reduction of their chronic back pain.


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