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¿Qué son las 4 terapias de masaje?

La terapia de masaje es uno de los más practicados entre los distintos tipos ola de medicina complementaria y alternativa. Un método antiguo, si empleo desde antes de la revolución farmacológica del 1940. Asclepiades de bitinia, un médico de la antigua Grecia conoce como el que desarrolló la terapia de masaje al aplicar el arte […]

What is Chronic Pain Management?

How To Manage Chronic Pain If the pain continues for greater than three months, it is identified as chronic. Persistent pain can be very difficult to live with. There are cases in which the pain is constant, whereas in others it comes and goes. Working, socializing, and providing care for oneself or others can all […]

What Causes Pain in the Posture of Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

It’s when the trunk is in a neutral position while the pelvis rotates forward or anterior pelvic tilt over the hips in a short arc. The curvature of the low back and the buttocks will appear more pronounced in an individual with a slanted pelvis when viewed from the side. An anterior tilt of the […]

Postural Imbalance Causes Pain

Poor posture, or postural imbalance, is the result of an inefficient allocation of body weight. A misaligned spine, poorly fitting shoes, hours spent slouched at a desk, or even sadness can all contribute to this problem. Posture can be classified as either static (when at rest) or dynamic (when in motion). When there is a […]

Symptoms of Knee Fracture

A kneecap fracture, also known as a patella fracture, is a break in the patella bone located near the front of the knee joint. Essentially, the patella is a sesamoid bone, meaning that it is encased in a tendon and serves as a sort of joint guard. A group of ligaments that are also found […]


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